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Where the paradigm shift for ballet is taking place.

I had the pleasure of working with Sylvie on a few projects, including dancing in a company together. When she joined, I immediately noticed her refined ballet technique. In time, she became a company class instructor. Her classes were demanding technically and informative. Sylvie had a knack for imagery. I later pursued one-on-one classes with her. In these classes, in addition to ballet training, she was able to help me with alignment issues, muscular imbalances, and worked on breathing methods. I gained a lot from our sessions.

Princeton McCurtain Orchesis,Grambling State University

Dance Company Assistant Artistic Director



Yoga Dance: A dynamic class that begins with a warm-up and builds to mat and standing sequences in a vinyasa style, while  connecting with music of varied rhythms and dynamics.  All classes include pranayama and meditation.  

Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation:  Linked sequences of asanas on the mat and standing.  Repetitions of sequences are given with progressions to accommodate practitioners at different levels.  Freedom to choose between the simplest version or progressing to more demanding sequences.    The classes include pranayama and meditation.

Meditation:  Experience the “Lightness of Being” to free the body from tension, free the mind from worries, and free the spirit from emotional burden.

Water Yoga:  Do you have access to a safe pool this summer?  If so, schedule your Water Yoga   Class at a convenient time for you.  The class includes a warm up, a core workout, and stretching.

Geriatic Yoga:  For the mature adult interested in getting younger.  On mat, on chair, or standing asanas that will activate chakras, energizing the body and uplifting the spirit.  


Ballet Without Barres: A ballet class that will challenge your core strength and free you from the attachment to the barre for support.  The class accommodates attendees at different levels.

Choreography:  Choose the music or accept my suggestions to choreograph a piece to highlight your own talent and artistry.


Dancing Your Own Monologue:

A workshop in which the dancer/actor works on delivering the meaning of the monologue through speech and also dance movement that best fits the mood of the script.  Instructor and student work in collaboration to achieve the final result.

Performing your One-Person Show: Flexible rehearsal schedule to accommodate participants.

Sessions include the choice of script or writing of the script for those who have their own story to tell.  Coaching includes: Acting, monologue delivery and movement for actors (and/or dance choreography for Dance/Theater pieces) Rehearsals are virtual via Zoom or in-person.

For inquiries and to request Zoom Class link to join in, please write Sylvia at: or call/text 646-750-8070
Classes are always budget friendly: Free, modest donation or sponsor contribution. For ways to donate or contribute please use: Venmo: Sylvia-Baeza-2 * PayPal: * Zelle: or 646-750-8070

Auroville, India

Sylvie is my ideal teacher. Patient and direct; focused and flexible. It is rare to find all these traits in one instructor. In just a few weeks, Sylvie helped strengthen and inspire my practice. I feel fortunate to have found her!


You cannot get a more attentive, knowledgeable and encouraging yoga instructor than Sylvie! She caters her class to your level, whether expert or injured, and does so with creativity and a sense of humor.  She’s just fun & great! Love her! 

Jean Leong

Sylvie is the best !!! She brings her warmth plus her unique combination of dance and yoga to the yoga studio and each class is a pure delight a wonderful teacher and a true professional, she gives each student equal and personal attention. i’d never done yoga and my body, which is no longer young and flexible, has never moved so well and felt so good. you can’t go wrong with sylvie !!!

Jane Magdison.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to study yoga with Sylvia! I’ve never met a kinder, more caring teacher. She is very patient, listening to my concerns and questions and answering them in a way that I can immediately apply and learn from. And her instructions in class are well thought-out, revealing her thorough understanding of the principles of yoga. She is very adept also at adjusting the asanas to the capabilities of her students.

 It’s obvious that her teaching is motivated from a pure desire to see her students develop a deeper sense of harmony both in their bodies and their minds, so I always feel confident that in her classes I am learning in the most harmonious way for me to practice yoga and to progress. And I always feel so much better afterwards!

         Alison Adams





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