Why Should You Have Your Own Personal Yoga Practice

Yoga has developed as a popular practice over the past decades.  However, most people in the West think that in order to do yoga they have to sing up at a yoga school and/or fitness center and 

attend class regularly.  True, the form and discipline must be learned from a qualified teacher at a qualified institutions, but ultimately yoga is meant to be done as a personal practice, in the solitude of one’s home in order to have the proper setting for introspection and personal growth, which are as much important as the physical benefits yoga brings.

We practice yoga not just to feel calm, relaxed, happy and to step momentarily out of our lives full of turmoil.  When practiced that way, Yoga becomes a form of escapism, like TV.  Yet yoga is much more that a way to temporarily unburden ourselves from stress and emotional upheaval.   When yoga is done at home, as a Personal Yoga Practice, the benefits are quite different.

Reasons why a Personal Yoga Practice is more beneficial in the long run.

  • Yoga requires us to withdraw our senses and mind from constant stimulation, which we can do in the solitude of our home, not at a crowded public place or while following instructions from an online yoga class, which forces our brains to remain stimulated by technology.
  • Each of us has “issues” which can be addressed and solved through Yoga. Each of those issues is directly connected to one or more of the chakras because they are the result how well or badly those chakras are functioning.  In addition, not everybody needs to work on the same issues.  In a personal Yoga Practice we can choose which Asanas to do in order to work out the specific chakra that will help us resolve those issues.
  • Yoga is time-consuming when we insist in doing it at a place other than our home.   Transportation time and class time add up to an amount of time that we can’t invest for yoga, and often people don’t do it at all, missing all its benefits.  When done at home as a Personal Yoga Practice, no time gets wasted.
  • When done at home, a Personal Yoga Practice can be of any length: 20 minutes, 30 to 40, one hour or two, depending on the amount of time we have available.  The important think is not the length of the practice.  What matters is that we do it daily.  5 minutes of daily yoga is better than zero minutes.

Richard Hittleman in his renown book Yoga: 28 Days Exercise Plan outlines the setting requirements for the best and most efficient at-home Yoga Personal Practice:  His recommendation is to do yoga:

  • Everyday 
  • At the same time
  • In the same room
  • With the windows open

Follow these basic advise from this yoga pioneer and open the door to a world of personal transformation that you never even dreamed of.